Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “The Heiress”

Published July 11, 2016

The Inheritance | George E. Smith

Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “The Heiress”:

A GENTLE TAPPING ON THE thick oak door of his study
interrupted the afternoon nap of Sir Cedric Landsdowne. The
senior barrister of Landsdowne, Gordon and Mathis rose from
his chair and welcomed Lady Caroline Morely. With a smile he
invited her to join him for tea. “That’s very kind of you Sir
Cedric. Our cold, blustery weather is becoming tiresome. And
thank you for all your help in sorting out my dear brother’s

Settling back in his chair, the elderly barrister paused and
gazed at the young woman seated opposite him. “Well, Lady Caroline,
being a retired brigadier from the artillery has helped. You
understand what I am saying, don’t you?” “Yes, of course, Sir
Cedric,” the young woman replied. “The newspaper reports are
obviously censored as the Boers continue to give our troops more
than they can handle. How a ragtag group of Dutch farmers can
outfight British infantry is beyond me.”