Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “The Ranch Manager”

Published July 14, 2016

The Inheritance | George E. Smith

Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “The Ranch Manager”:

and disappeared as Francine Gerard entered her bedroom, balancing
a tray of hot coffee and a healthy portion of warm apple
pie. “Wake up sleepyhead; it’s time you were on the trail,” she

Ken Battle, general manager of the Triple R ranch slowly
opened his eyes and cleared his throat. “Mrs. Girard, must our
party be over so soon?” The tall, stately brunette, barely showing
strands of grey hair smiled back at her lover. “Yes, cherie. It is
time for you to be on your way lest my reputation be in tatters. I
wouldn’t want the garden party ladies to confirm what they
already suspect. We only have another twenty minutes before full
light and with nosy people looking for secrets to gossip over.
Hurry, my love.”