Excerpt from Chapter 6 – “Lady Caroline Arriv es at the Ranch”

Published July 26, 2016

The Inheritance | George E. Smith

Excerpt from Chapter 6 – “Lady Caroline Arriv es at the Ranch”:

awaited the arrival of Lady Caroline. They’d already met Dr. and
Mrs. Donaldson, who were preparing to leave for the Shamrock
Copper Mine where their host, John Borland, the mine manager,
was waiting. Ken Battle had suggested they pack clothes for a visit
that might last two to three days.

The Triple R ranch was built in the late 1880s and had
expanded considerably in anticipation of the new owner’s arrival.
Battle had seen to a kitchen improvement designed by Magdalena
and the dining room had been enlarged to handle up to a dozen
people. The ranch manager had also added a room and office on
the first floor leaving additional space for the master bedroom
and maid’s quarters on the second floor. The grounds surrounding
the house had been newly planted with lantana and
bougainvillea vines. Battle hoped it would please the new owner.