Excerpt from Chapter 9 – “The Plot”

Published August 4, 2016

The Inheritance | George E. Smith

Excerpt from Chapter 9 – “The Plot”:

THE SMALL GROUP OF MEN gathered around a large oak
table in lawyer Cyrus Pender’s office: Pender, Carl Brindle, president
of the Rock Springs Bank and Trust Company, and Sam
Welton, overseer of the Circle W ranch. A bottle of imported
Scotch whiskey was passed around as cigar smoke drifted
upwards to the kerosene lantern.

“Sir Geoffrey Morely’s will was read yesterday to Lady Caroline
and Ken Battle. She’d already seen the document, so wasn’t
surprised about the contents. She readily admitted her lack of
experience with cattle ranching and basically appealed to Battle to
continue as ranch manager. I gotta’ tell you boys; she’s a real
looker. I don’t see her giving us any trouble. Ken Battle left the
meeting in a state of shock. He had no idea that the old man was
going to give him that land, with cattle and horses on it, to boot.
The most serious potential problem is his control of the water
that serves the Triple R, the town, and the Circle W. We’ve never
had a water shortage in this area, but as you know, we may be getting
into a drought. If that happens, it could cause some friction.
I thought Dr. Donaldson might start asking some tough questions
but he’s at the Shamrock Copper Mine now and will leave
shortly to visit the silver mines in Mexico. He should be gone at
least a month before he gets back here. I don’t think we have
much to worry about with him. He’s focused on mining.”