Excerpt from Chapter 11 – “Water Sourcing”

Published August 10, 2016

The Inheritance | George E. Smith

Excerpt from Chapter 11 – “Water Sourcing”:

KEN BATTLE AND MISS CAROLINE Morely started in the
town of Rock Springs and rode their horses upstream until they
found the opening where water rushed from below the surface
of the ground. “The way Don Seymour has explained it, the
water starts in the mountains of the New Mexico Territory
about a hundred miles northeast of here,” Ken began. “They
get a snow pack each winter of 125 inches or more. Come
spring, the melted snow gradually percolates into an underground
river that eventually emerges where we’re standing on
this overlook. In the years that I’ve been here, we’ve never
experienced anything resembling a drought. Nevertheless, I’m
inclined to agree with you on building additional holding
ponds and drilling a couple of wells to pump up the water by
using windmill power. It would be good insurance in case rainfall
continues to be substantially below normal.”