Excerpt from Chapter 13 – “Storm King Ranch”

Published August 16, 2016

The Inheritance | George E. Smith

Excerpt from Chapter 13 – “Storm King Ranch”:

AS KEN BATTLE’S WORK WITH Barney Little at the Triple
R grew less, he was able to turn his attention to building a home on
his inherited land. He enlisted the help of Don Seymour to draw
up a plan for an adobe brick house drawing soil from a nearby
caliche pit for the bricks. With help from the new hire, Ezekiel,
they dug up calcareous dirt, mixed it with straw and water, and cast
it into twelve by eighteen wooden molds measuring six inches in
depth. They dried the molds in the sun and began construction
with the strong, dense building blocks. It was a sound method used
by the Spaniards centuries earlier. They used local white pine to
make the doors and window frames and bought the nails and hardware
in Tucson. They laid the roof on top of wooden rafters and
coated it with a thick layer of tar. The work was hard and dirty but
gradually Ken’s new home began to take shape. A kitchen and private
room were added for Ezekiel, the cook. “This sure beats army
life, Mr. Ken,” the older man enthused.