Excerpt from Chapter 15 – “Lunch at the Brittany Hotel”

Published August 22, 2016

The Inheritance | George E. Smith

Excerpt from Chapter 15 – “Lunch at the Brittany Hotel”:

MISS CAROLINE TOOK THE REINS handed to her by Barney
Little and drove the carriage towards Rock Springs. A note
from Clem Boggs, the stationmaster informed her that two large
crates had just arrived from Chicago. Ordered months ago, Miss
Caroline had trouble remembering what she had purchased.
When she saw the crates unloaded at the station, she recalled it
was mostly furniture. She had Mr. Boggs pry open the crates and
after a complete inspection asked him to deliver the goods to the

A trip to the Rock Springs general store was a particularly
pleasant diversion for the English lady. The owners, Mrs.
Chatsworth and her husband Harry, were Londoners who had
moved to the New Mexico Territory years earlier. They had completely
adjusted to life in the American West and prospered due
to brains, opportunity, and hard work. While they enjoyed chatting
with Caroline about life back home, they had no desire to
return to England, not even for a visit. The couple had made the
general store the center of activity in Rock Springs mainly due to
Mrs. Chatsworth’s friendly personality and the variety of goods
on their shelves. Shoppers in need of kitchenware, handmade
tables, chairs, and leather goods from Mexico, and inexpensive
jewelry could find it at the Chatsworth’s store. They were also
canny buyers of new and different items that would appeal to the
local residents. After purchasing some colorful Mexican blankets
for the ranch, Miss Caroline headed up Main Street for lunch at
the Brittany Hotel.